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This is personal. And embarrassing.

Meet Gail. I needed a wake-up call.

Meet Mark. I needed help.

My aha moment.

What’s wrong with being right?

Make a choice.

Listening makes me smarter. They see things I don’t. I learn, and my ideas improve.

The right question might make someone think and self-discover. Hearing themselves explain something out loud can help them see gaps in their thinking.

When a big decision needed to be made, a former leader would go on a listening campaign. Rick Harder would meet with the other decision-makers individually to ask their opinions, hear their views, and influence their thinking before the group meeting where decisions were to be made. Shrewd.

It’s never okay to make it about the person.

How I disagree determines whether I have an impact or not.

It’s always right to #BuildThemUp.

Build Them Up® Founder | CEO, The KDP Group | Consultant | Executive Coach | Leadership Developer

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