Refresh yourself and give it away

Be a river |

This pandemic drains our emotional and mental stores. Our fuses are short. Tempers flare quickly. We’re on edge. As if that isn’t enough, we are at home with our spouses and children, all in the same situation. Then we join work calls with team members in the same condition. We are drained.

Refill our own stores. Walks. Music. Meditation. Prayer. Read. Podcasts. TEDx Talks. Call your best friend. Call your Mom. Call your best mentor. Call that high school teacher who made such a big difference in your life. Call your pastor. Start a 7 am conference call with a small group of close friends to encourage one another.

But don’t hoard the refill. Pass it on. #BuildThemUp. Add value. Offer a helping hand and listening ear. Be patient. Continue investing in others. Be the chief encourager and cheerleader. Who? Your spouse. Your children. Your team. Your children’s teachers and coaches. Your neighbor. Your friends. Your pastor.

There’s something about giving that is magical. The more you give, the more there is to give, and the more you get back. Focusing on others builds us up. And, if there ever is a time when serving others is important, it is now. John Maxwell says, “Be a river, not a reservoir. A river flows. Whatever water it receives, it gives away.” Fill yourself up, and then give it away.

Author: Kevin D. Phillips is a consultant, executive coach, and leadership developer helping clients increase profitability, improve customer loyalty, and navigate challenges of rapid growth. As Build Them Up® founder, he is on a mission to help leaders improve organizational results by investing in the people who create them. Connect at or on social media at

Build Them Up® Founder | CEO, The KDP Group | Consultant | Executive Coach | Leadership Developer

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